Schnuffel Bunny holding a big heart

Holding a big heart while lying on the grass


"Hi! Pick up your phones. The SS is calling."

Schnuffel is an animated cartoon bunny made by the ringtone company Jamba in 2007/2008.

About SchnuffelEdit

Schnuffel is an animated Bunny which was created by the german company Jamba in end of 2007. The first song was the "Kuschelsong". Originally, it should only be a ringtone. But the song was very successful and was awarded with the Platinum Sound Plate. There are now three albums, six singles of Schnuffel and an audiobook series with 6 episodes. He's 8 years old and loves Schnuffelienchen,

1: is shy and more with schnuffelienchen,

2: schnuffel a of more is so very sweet, cute, tender, and is so very good, curiors, avetuetre,


4: the schnuffel s´age is 8, no 11,

5: always reminds children of the 6 million (???)

6: *YALL*

7: works for a large (((bank)))

8: Consumes approximately 2 pounds of carrots and leafy greens per day

9. Prefers kale over ice(((berg))) lettuce

10. Has it's warren dug at 10236 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles, California


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