Beep BeepBunny PartyButterfly
Christmas SongDoo Bee Doo Bee DooI Love You So
Ich Hab Dich Leib (I Love You)Jingle BellsKiss Me, Hold Me, Love Me
Muffel BunnySchnuffel's Christmas SongSchnuffel Bunny
Schnuffel Bunny WikiSchnuffelienchenSnuggle Song
The 4 Nameless BunniesThe Anti Schnuffel Bunny SongWithout You
File:Beep Beep - Snuggle Bunny aka Jamster Schnuffel Bunny (English)File:Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo - Snuggle Bunny aka Schnuffel (English)File:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Forum new.gifFile:Great thing I've got a heart necklace on.jpg
File:ImagesCAKE1RLR.jpgFile:ImagesCAP3NJAM.jpgFile:Muffel Song Schnuffel Verarschung
File:Sch2.jpgFile:Sch3.jpgFile:Schnuffel-I love you so
File:Schnuffel 162.pngFile:Schnuffel Bunny - Snuggle SongFile:Schnuffel Bunny holding a big heart.jpg
File:Schnuffel Bunny holding a carrot.jpgFile:Schnuffel Christmas Song Music Video - EnglishFile:Schnuffel I love you so HQ
File:Schnuffel I love you so HQ-0File:Schnuffel Ich Hab Dich Lieb(I Love You So) English HDFile:Schnuffelienchen (Snuggelina) - Butterfly (English)
File:Schnuffelienchen 19.pngFile:Snuggelina - Kiss Me, Hold Me, Love Me (English)File:Snuggelina - Without You
File:Snuggelina - Without You (Unofficial Video)File:Untitled.icoFile:Wiki-background

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